Skype trying to charge for Mobile

I got an interesting invitation to fill in a survey about Skype Mobile. Skype on iPhone is an application that is deliberately ignored by Skype while they try and figure out how to make money from it. Their recent spat with Fring, who have implemented 3G Skype, background multitasking and video chat on iPhone 4 already, highlights their position on this. There is now no way to use Skype on Android after Fring had to remove the service since Skype refuse to release a client. They pulled the perfectly functional Windows Mobile version stating the quality wasn’t good enough.

The survey asks about what price plans would be acceptable to use Skype on mobile, enabling features such as 3G and Video chat. Would I pay 5.70GBP to use Skype even with the sweetener of 5.70GBP Skype credit (that expires in a month)? No way. I pay for my unlimited 3G data plan already.